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About Capital Access Group

Capital Access Group of Companies is an emerging leading business group with diverse business interests in the local, regional and international markets. Capital Access Group is standing tall as one of the most dynamic business groups today with wings spread across the globe. The group has emerged as a valuable contributor to the development of Modern Bahrain, Dubai and playing a vital role in the development of progressive Gulf region especially alongside and around the globe.

Today, Capital Access Group’s highly diversified interests span a variety of fields represented by over 72 group owned / sister concerns and consortium partners. The group is also providing regional facilitation and support to several world class brands and companies. In its quest for further expansion and diversification, the group seeks to embark on Direct Loan funding facilitation and projects with international players who believe in chasing their dreams without compromising on business ethics and abuse of business principles.


Every action you take has a reaction. One thought can spark curiosity. One step can lead to good discovery. One creation can improve the lives of millions, if not Billions. Every decision you make is full of possibilities. Choose to improve the future. Make Capital Access Group your next move and be the part of the change.
At Capital Access Group, we believe that people are the foundation of our competitive edge. We are always looking for smart, talented and energetic people to join our team of successes.

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